Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárceno

A different Zoo with hundreds of animals to observe

Cabárceno Park is a different zoo where you can find hundreds of animals in semi-liberty where they can enjoy nature outdoors.


One of the favorite tourist destinations

Considered one of the favorite tourist destinations for all those visiting Cantabria and northern Spain.


A prime location just 15 km from Santander

The cabarceno natural park is located in the town of Cabárceno, in the Valley of Pisueña, belonging to the region of Pas-Miera, 15 kilometers from Santander.

It has 750 hectares for the enjoyment of animals and visitors, it was opened in June 1990.

How to get

With facilities for the enjoyment of visitors

Cabárceno Park also has facilities such as bars, restaurants, terrarium, and show birds and water, everything needed to complete this magnificent natural park.

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